Delphin specializes in the manufacturing of personal care hygienic amenities for the global hospitality industry comprises of hotels, resorts, restaurants, clubs, spa, corporate companies, service apartments, hospitals and many more.

Delphin has 3 strategic business units:

1) Toiletries amenities:
The main unit of Delphin. Distinctive design features and affordable cost measure, has make Delphin well known supplier in comprehending with hoteliers’ budget and requirement.

2)Brand amenities:
Delphin unique range of collections was created to meet the hoteliers’ customers’ satisfaction. It creates a safe and secure environment for their customers while lodging in there.

The purpose of this company profile is to share our passion of caring for people of any interest in choosing to do business with Delphin. It does not contain private nor confidential materials.

It acts as a purpose of getting to know the customers of our customers better, or show Delphin’s way of serving the hoteliers. This profile is to suitably inform the people staying in the hotels, personnel from the hotels, suppliers of Delphin or for any other purposes or reasons of getting to know Delphin more in depth.
Delphin was incorporated and solely helmed by Mdm Chong
Delphin has grown from a generous customer base
Delphin setup own manufacturing plant and increases production facilities. Plant located in Taman Perindustrian Puchong Perdana.
Delphin underwent a big change. Coming from a sole-proprietorship, has changed into a private limited company.
Delphin acquired new brand O’fresh mouthwash
Delphin created new own house brand.
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